Breaker 1 / Breaker 2 – Production Design

Breaker I

The production design for this ice breaking pond support vessel for Syncrude, was done based on contract drawings by AMEC.  The work included a design check, lines plan, structure and arrangement drawings, weight estimate and stability calculations, system drawings, and a full set of lofted structural parts.

Built by Hike Metal Products Ltd. in Wheatley Ontario, this vessel now operates on a man-made pond in the Northern Alberta tar sands, the Mildred Lake Settling Basin.



LOA: 12.87 m
Beam: 4.44 m
Depth: 2.2 m
GRT: 20
Vessel Type: Work Boat
Complement: 6 crew
Classification: Minor Waters Class I
Main Engines: 2x 178 BHP @2500RPM
Propulsion: 2 Olympic HD3 Z-drive units
Fuel Capacity: 2730 litres
Owner: Syncrude
Shipyard: Hike Metal Products Inc


Machinery and Auxiliary Systems

This vessel is fitted with two John Deere engines totaling 356 hp, air cooled with radiators housed in a compartment forward of the wheelhouse.  Propulsion is provided by Olympic Z-drive units.


The vessel is fitted with a HIAB deck crane.


The vessel has all welded steel hulls,  with an aluminum upper deck structure.

Design Drawings

Ice Breaker General Arrangement sheet 1


Ice Breaker General Arrangement sheet 2


Ice Breaker General Arrangement sheet 3