E.Y.E. Marine Involved in Canada’s 1st Zero Emission Electric Ferry

Halifax, NS

Canada welcomes 1st zero-emission, electric ferry

Marilyn Bell I is the first zero-emission, electric ferry in Canada to be purely driven by lithium-ion batteries. This vessel is owned and operated by Ports Toronto. It is used to transport passengers, vehicles and supplies to and from Billy Bishop Airport. The ferry can carry up to 15 regular-sized vehicles and 200 passengers at a time. E.Y.E. Marine Consultants was involved in developing the initial concept which went out to industry as a Request for Proposal and provided technical support to Ports Toronto throughout the electrical  retrofit of the formerly diesel powered ferry.  Canal Marine was the successful bidder and developed the ship and land based systems.  The lithium-ion batteries are powered by 100% Bullfrog Power renewable energy and can be automatically charged by the CANAL Automatic Shore Charging System(ASCS), which initiates the battery charging process when connected to the ramp on the mainland side and takes only five minutes to top up the charge.