Our Naval Architects and Marine Engineers specialize in the design of innovative and practical vessels, representing the best in technology with efficiency and suitability for service.


Vessel Design

E.Y.E. Marine Consultants have designed vessels ranging from small workboats and barges to sophisticated and complex ocean going vessels such as RORO ferries, escort tugs, and seismographic research vessels. Most recently we have been busy with ferry designs for Nova Scotia, Halifax municipality, New Brunswick, and BC Ferries.

We have designed in excess of 150 vessels, incorporating the unique features that an owner requires while meeting the regulatory requirements and performance specifications. E.Y.E.’s Naval Architects spend time working in the yards during construction and refits, resulting in a strong understanding of what is “build-able” and practical.

E.Y.E. utilizes state of the art software for every aspect of design. For initial concepts we use Rhino, a 3D solid modeler which can assist the owners/operators to visualize the concept. As we start to get into more detail, the hull model is developed within Shipconstuctor and Autocad. We use the entire Naval Architecture suite from Maxsurf to analyze ship motions, resistance and propulsion, hull fairness, as well as detailed structure design.

Finally we use GHS, the industry standard Hydrostatics and Stability software, to analyze stability and produce accurate assessments of vessel capability. For unique structures, where Class rules do not provide guidance, we use Autodesk Inventor and the Finite Element methods contained to ensure safe and reliable structures.


Fishing Boats

Our design services include drawing packages for Transport Canada approval, for a variety of fishing and/or passenger vessels in the Maritime Provinces.

A typical drawing list includes: General Arrangement Plan, Structural Profile and Decks, Typical Structural Sections, Bulwarks and Freeing Ports, Windows, Hatches & Doors, Navigation Light Arrangement, Shafting Arrangement, Rudder Arrangement, Bilge System, Fuel Oil System, and an Electrical Single Line Diagram. For passenger boats the following additional drawings are done: Lines Plan, Tank Capacity Plan, Draft Marks, Fire Control / Lifesaving Plan.

This service can also include an inclining experiment and stability book if required. See below.

E.Y.E. has designed all sizes and types of fishing vessels in its history, the typical size of the Nova Scotia inshore fishing fleet E.Y.E. is involved with is shown below.

LOA:Varies (typically 49′ 2″)
Beam:Varies (typically 20′-30′)
Depth:Varies (typically 6′-8′)

Stability Testing

E.Y.E. Marine provides stability testing for a range of different applications, from barges, to fishing vessels, to passenger vessels, and workboats with multiple lifting configurations, etc.

A typical fishing vessel stability book requires the hull lines to be measured, draft marks to be painted on the hull, a physical in-water inclining experiment, and calculations to be made based on operational loading conditions. Call us to find out if this is the right test for your vessel. You can download our Fishing Vessel Stability Declaration for more information, and to fill out the necessary operational data.

Marine Engineering

E.Y.E.’s staff of marine, mechanical, and naval engineers provide a vast array of engineering services to clients. Our firm has invested in the latest software to analyze structural integrity, system efficiency, and mechanical design. These tools allow us to develop complex designs for deck cranes, A-frame designs, davits along with any sort of marine systems on board. We also offer a wide range of service with regards to feasibility reports, infrastructure renewal, and environmental impact.

Services Include:


Marine System Design

E.Y.E. can engineer and design any type of marine system required for both new and existing vessels.


Structural Engineering

E.Y.E. engineers have a firm grasp of structural design. They can perform analysis of existing structures for strength and structural integrity or design new structures. FEA analysis and engineering first principal methods are used in combination to determine structural limits on vessel structure.

E.Y.E. has designed several deck installations such as cranes, A-frames, car ramps, and davits. We can design from scratch or help our clients refit their existing vessels with new deck gear. Using the latest in 3D software we help to maximize space on board and minimize the tolerances for fit and finish assuring an accurate design and installation.


Feasibility Reports

E.Y.E. has completed several feasibility studies relating to a vast array of operations. Whether it be fuel studies, infrastructure renewal, or efficiency reports, E.Y.E. can provide sound knowledge and consulting to our clients. The results from our analysis are always prepared in a concise and literate report detailing the issues and benefits pertaining to the vessel, structure, or system we’re evaluating.


Environmental Studies

Our commitment to the environment is unparalleled, and we encourage our clients to adopt the latest technologies when it comes to helping the environment. We understand the strain on our Oceans and eco-system, and strive to improve the efficiency of our vessels to adapt to stricter environmental laws and emission regulations. We pride ourselves in staying ahead of the status-quo when it comes to environmental responsibility.