About Us

With the experience and innovative technology at E.Y.E. Marine we can handle any state-of-the-art project that shipyard contractors, boat builders, and vessel owners may require.

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E.Y.E. Marine Consultants is a firm of Professional Naval Architects and Marine Engineers located in Bedford, Nova Scotia. The firm was established in 1967 when the Yeatman Endal Co. merged with Evans Engineering, and adopted the abbreviated name in 1986. The current owner/operators of the firm are long term members of E.Y.E., each with at least 35 years of experience within the firm, as well as previous marine experience.

Our team has an established tradition of quality, innovative, and successful projects. They provide a wide range of consulting services to their clients, including complete new designs, redesigns and modifications, feasibility studies, lofting, drafting, 3D modeling/FEA, stability and tonnage analysis.

The Company consists of eight full time employees, three of which are Professional Engineers licensed to Practice in Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Alberta. Two other employees, Dr Amal Hamdy and Min Zhang, have post graduate degrees in Naval Architecture.