Columbia Rigging Design

Columbia 11059-13078
Columbia 11059-13078

E.Y.E. Marine was hired by Covey Island Boatworks to do the engineering calculations and drawings for the sail plan, spars, standing rigging, running rigging, and rigging fittings for the replica of the schooner “Columbia” built by Eastern Shipbuilding Group.



LOA: 141′ 2″
LWL: 110′
Beam: 25′ 6″
Vessel Type: Yacht
Owner: Brian D’Isernia
Shipyard: Eastern Shipbuilding Group (Hull)
Covey Island Boatworks (Rigging)



The rigging for this replica was designed to be at least as strong as the original construction, but updated to use modern construction methods.  The main and fore masts, for example, were hollow and built with douglas fir using bird’s mouth construction, glued together with epoxy.

Design Drawings

Standing Rigging Drawing
Standing Rigging Drawing

Vessel Pictures

 Columbia Schooner Rigging

View of cross trees from below
View of cross trees from below