Placentia Pride / Placentia Hope

One of the more interesting projects for EYE was the design of the Placentia Hope and the Placentia Pride. These Voith propelled sister vessels were designed by EYE for Marystown Shipyard as a response to a Design/Build contract to escort tankers through the environmentally sensitive Placentia Bay to the Newfoundland Transhipment Facility. The vessels provide ship assist as well as escort duties. One of the interesting features of an escort tug is its ability to produce line pulls twice the magnitude of the bollard pull by utilising the flow over the lifting surface skeg to produce stopping and turning forces on the ship being controlled. This high line force is only produced when the tug is oriented at an angle to the direction of the tow so the stability and seakeeping of the tug needs to be specially considered.

EYE was on site for the entire build and provided detail design, lofting and consultation during the build process.  The tugs are in operation daily and have provided excellent service to the owners/operators.


LOA: 37.92 m
LWL: 36.20 m
Beam: 13.00 m
Draft: 5.72 m
Displacement: 940 MT
Vessel Type:  Escort Tug
Classification: Minor Waters Class I
Main Engines: 2 x 2030 kW
Propulsion: 2 Voith drives
Speed: 14 knots
Owner: Newfoundland Transshipment Ltd.
Shipyard: Marystown Shipyard

Machinery and Auxiliary Systems

Two Ulstein Bergen KRMB-9 diesel engines.


The General Arrangement clearly shows the large lifting surface aft. When the vessel is angled to the direction of flow the skeg produces high drag forces which are transmitted as large line forces. When in indirect mode, the tug operates in the astern direction, good visibility from all directions and an efficient hull form makes this operation viable for the operators. The vessel is also fitted with Fire Fighting capability and a drench system which allows it to work closely to a fire if required.


The vessel has an all welded steel hull.

Design Drawings